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204 Horiyamashita Hadano City KANGAWA ,259-1304, JAPAN
TEL : +81-463-88-5556
FAX : +81-463-88-5557
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Intelligent Tube Mill
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Fiber Laser Welding Tube Machine
Cold Pilger Rolling Machine
SAN EKI started tube making machine business since 1957. We also have experienced tube manufacturing itself more than 30 years. We installed our tube making skill on our mashine using sensing and data processing technology as INTELLIGENT TUBE MILL.
You may find our servo motor drive COLD PILGER ROLLING machine as well.
Exhibiting Item
~ Intelligent Tube Mill~
IoT Welding Tube Machine
Cold Pilger Rolling Machine
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Forming machines
Pipe forming machines
Sheet metal processing machines
Laser processing machines
Automation equipment
Coil feeder lines