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Radaur Road Yamunanagar 135001 India
TEL : +91-1732-661118'
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Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses
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2500T Mechanical Transfer Press Supplied to Spain
Mechanical Tandem Press Line Supplied to a Japanese Automotive Tier-1 Manufacturer
Standard Mechanical Presses C and H Frame
Worldwide References and Service Network
Presence among Automotive Japanese OEM's and Tier-1 Manufacturers
Quality as per International Standards
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Exhibiting Item
Mechanical Transfer Presses
Automated Tandem Mechanical Press Lines
Progressive Die Mechanical Presses
Servo Mechanical Presses
Hydraulic Presses
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Mechanical presses
Servo presses
High-speed automatic precision presses
C-frame presses
Straight side presses
Transfer presses
Cold forging presses
Hot forging presses
Powder compacting presses
Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic servo presses
Die spotting presses
Powder compacting presses
CFRP Compacting Presses