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SMS group K.K.

Sapia Tower 25F, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
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SMS group GmbH
Address: Ohlerkirchweg 66, 41069 Moenchengladbach, Germany
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SMS group advanced press technology
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Forging technology of SMS group, Germany
Technical seminars by German technicians

- CPA (Controlled Punch Adapter) Technology for powder pressing
July 12 (Wed) Bernhard Kaminski, Senior Sales Manager, SMS group GmbH

- New Development in Drive Technology of forging presses
July 15 (Sat) Martin Scholles, Senior Sales Manager, SMS group GmbH
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Powder Pressing
Forging Press
Product Category
Mechanical presses
Hot forging presses
Powder compacting presses
Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic servo presses
Products for Overseas