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Schuler AG

Bahnhofstraße 41 Göppingen 73033 Germany
TEL : +49 7161 66-0
FAX : +49 7161 66-233
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System solution from a single source!
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Schuler is the world market leader in metal forming technology. The company supplies presses, automation solutions, dies, process know-how, and services for the entire metalworking industry and lightweight automotive design. Customers include automobile manufacturers and suppliers as well as companies from the forging, household appliances, packaging, energy, and electronics industries. Schuler is the leading supplier of minting presses and supplies system solutions for aerospace, rail transport, and large pipe manufacturing. Following the acquisition of toolmaker AWEBA and a majority stake in Chinese press manufacturing company Yadon, Schuler employs around 6,600 members of staff in 40 countries. The Austrian ANDRITZ Group holds a majority share in Schuler.
Visit Schuler and Ritech at MF-Tokyo! Schuler will show you how to enhance your process reliability and economic efficiency: with the Smart Press Shop for networking equipment, with PCH Flex Technology for the serial manufacturing of hot stamped parts, with the Laser Blanking Line for blanking without the need for dies weighing several tons, or with our optical centering station for the accurate position detection of blanks.
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Lightweight Technologies, Hot Stamping, Composite, Hydroforming, Servoline, TwinServo Technology, Press automation: CBR 4.0, Blanking Lines, Laser Blanking Line.
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Mechanical presses
Servo presses
High-speed automatic precision presses
C-frame presses
Transfer presses
Cold forging presses
Hot forging presses
Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic servo presses
Fine blanking presses
Die spotting presses
Hydro-forming presses
Forming machines
Parts formers
Pipe forming machines
Sheet metal processing machines
Laser processing machines
Automation equipment
Coil feeder lines
Robot lines
Dies and Molds
Dies and molds for Press
Dies and molds for Forging
Dies and molds for Sheetmetal processing
Dies and molds for Forming machines
Designing/Manufacturing systems
Rapid prototypings
Production management systems
Metal forming processing products
Dies and molds for Press
Dies and molds for Forging
Dies and molds for Sheetmetal processing
Dies and molds for Forming machines
Inspection measurement machines
Inspection devices
Measurement machines
Testing machines
Metal material
Carbon fiber composite material
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All Schuler products are available worldwide.