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Taiyo Mechatronics

107 shiga suwa-shi nagano 392-8585 japan
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taiyo industry co.,ltd.
Advanced Simulation Technology Of Mechanics R&D, Co., Ltd.
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Enabling Technology
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press CAD/CAM
P-form (CAE),.ltd press parts
TAIYO mechatronics develops and sells CAD / CAM / CAE software to support design and manufacturing to provide solutions for specific industries such as press dies, parts processing, sheet metal production, sheet metal processing.

Many precision forged parts manufactured by TAIYO-IND Co., Ltd. (group company) will also be exhibited.
Exhibiting Item
press processing CAD/CAM/CAE soft ware
Precision forging press parts
Product Category
Mechanical presses
Servo presses
Transfer presses
Dies and Molds
Dies and molds for Forging
Designing/Manufacturing systems
Metal forming processing products
Dies and molds for Press
Dies and molds for Forging
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