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Silver Alloy Co., Ltd.

73-1, Ouchi-cho, Kasai City, Hyogo 675-2455 Japan
TEL : +81-790-44-0603
FAX : +81-790-44-2316
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Cemented carbide to achieve long life
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Cemented carbide"R type"
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We introduce cemented carbide materials"R type" to achieve long life of the mold.
Our R type has less rough surface due to the elution of Co"cobalt", and it is superior materials in the mold releasability where chipping and seizure is hard to occur.
It is thought that the tool life improves by using the materials of the R type.
Those who are interested in extension of tool life, improvement of productivity and reduction of the failure rete are most welcome.
Exhibiting Item
Tungsten carbide (Cemented carbide)
Electrode for EDM (Cu-W, Ag-W)
Heavy metal
Ultra heat resisting alloy
CVD coating
Esper smile chip (Cutting tool which machines hard materials of HRC60-65)
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Dies and Molds
Dies and molds for Press
Dies and molds for Forging
Dies and molds for Sheetmetal processing
Dies and molds for Forming machines
Metal material