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24-12, Shinmachi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka Japan Postal code:579-8037
TEL : +81-72-984-6246
FAX : +81-72-981-8016
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Catchphrase for Exhibiting Item
Visible!! Very clearly! Awesome!
Selling point of Exhibiting Item
Here you go. Even from the top, even from the bottom.
The flange surface of work can be inspected.
The whole work piece can be inspected at once.
Visible! From the top, even from the bottom.

Toolless changeover! Good bye any tools!
Exhibiting Item
Glass disc vision inspection machine
Product Category
Inspection measurement machines
Inspection devices
Products for Overseas
In 2016, we have two shipping records of US parts manufacturers.
Also, actual exports in the past 10 years is that we delivered our sorting machines to Thailand, Korea,Taiwan and China.
Even if there is a language barrier, race and a variety of cultural differences, we will deal with those in the best way.