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Sanalloy Industry Co., Ltd.

290-44,Takahashi,Fukusaki-cho,Kanzaki-gun,Hyogo 679-2216,Japan
TEL : +81-790-24-2280
FAX : +81-790-24-2290
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Introduction of Sanalloy’s PWM
Sanalloy’s PWM is a cemented carbide for warm and hot forging, which has achieved a
reduction in friction coefficient without damaging conventional characteristics. PWM
is used for various warm and hot forging dies and hot milling rolls due to its
excellent seizure and heat resistance. PWM contributes to improving the tool life.
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R Series
Sanalloy's R Series has excellent chipping resistance and high fracture toughness,
which exerts remarkable effect on process even under severe conditions.
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Dies and Molds
Dies and molds for Press
Dies and molds for Forging
Dies and molds for Sheetmetal processing
Dies and molds for Forming machines
Metal material