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KOSMEK LTD. 1-5, 2-chome, Murotani, Nishi-ku, Kobe-city,Hyogo, 651-2241 Japan
TEL : +81-78-991-5162
FAX : +81-78-991-8787
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High-Power Pneumatic Die Clamp
High-Power Pneumatic Die Clamp
Mold clamping plate thickness variance is also possible!
Mold clamping plate thickness variance is also possible!
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Exhibition image
We offer various solutions for the die change system including mold auto clamp long stroke model that is suitable for non-standardized die thicknesses.
Exhibiting Item
1. Qquick Die Change System
2. High-Power Pneumatic Die Clamp
3. Welding Items : Clamp / Locating
4 .Robotic Hand Changer and a Variety of Transfer Tools
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Automation equipment
Robot lines
Safety eqipment
Load monitors
Surface treatment
Deburring machines
Washing machines
Welding machines
Laser welding machines
Spot welding machines
Arc welding machines
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