New Product Demonstration Products for Overseas
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Shinohara Press Service Co., Ltd.

34-2 Shiomi-cho Funabashi-shi Chiba-ken 273-0016 Japan
TEL : +81-47-433-7761
FAX : +81-47-433-9631
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Total Solution Engineering
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Shut Guard
Rebuilt Luboratory
At our booth, you can find various solutions for press machines including Overhauling technology, IoT Solution, as well as automation, safety products, as "Total Solution Engineering"
Exhibiting Item
Introducing various solutions for press stamping industry
Product Category
Mechanical presses
Servo presses
High-speed automatic precision presses
C-frame presses
Straight side presses
Transfer presses
Cold forging presses
Hot forging presses
Powder compacting presses
Hydraulic presses
Hydraulic servo presses
Fine blanking presses
Die spotting presses
Hydro-forming presses
Powder compacting presses
CFRP Compacting Presses
Sheet metal processing machines
Press brakes
Automation equipment
Coil feeder lines
Leveler feeders
Robot lines
Belt conveyor
Safety eqipment
Light beam type safety devices
Load monitors
Inspection measurement machines
Inspection devices
Measurement machines
Testing machines
Products for Overseas
We will be able to provide similar service to our customers in overseas, has experience in over 20 countries.
In USA, we have our subsidiary in OH providing same service to clients.