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2-10 Ohyama-cho, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 252-5181, Japan
TEL : +81-42-772-5271
FAX : +81-42-772-5261
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DSF-N1-1500 A and Coil feeder L-30T + F-30 II (S)
Will demonstrate progressive operation by combined high productivity straight side Direct Servo Former DSF-N1-A series and new high speed feeder for servo press. 
① High followability to pendulum motion, convenient automatic calculation function 
② Comfortable workability with integrated operation system of press and feeder 
③ more space-saving than a leveler feeder
It is also possible to browse collected data by Ai-CARE (IoT), Aida Information Care System, a standard feature on DSF.
Exhibiting Item
Direct servo former DSF - N 1 - 1500 A and new high speed
feeder L - 30 T + F - 30 II (S)
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Mechanical presses
Servo presses
Straight side presses
Automation equipment
Coil feeder lines
Leveler feeders
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Dies and molds for Press