New Product Demonstration Products for Overseas
Company Information

Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd.

1-1-5 Machiya Midori-Ku Sagamihara City 252-01010 Japan
TEL : +81-42 782 2842
FAX : +81-42 782 4461
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Catchphrase for Exhibiting Item
Servomotor driven Screw Press new field
Selling point of Exhibiting Item
CFRTP Screw Press
Hericall Gear cold extrusion Screw Press
Cold forging Screw Press
CFRTP sheet, heat and quick forming operation demonstration
Helicall Gear with crowning forming operation demonstration
Cold back extrusion with good centerness forming demonstration
Exhibiting Item
Servomotor driven Screw Press
1.For :CFRTP Sheet Heating & Quick forming with CNC Robot
2.For: Helical Gear with crowning extrusion forming with Robot
For: Cold forming
Product Category
Mechanical presses
Servo presses
Hot forging presses
Hydraulic presses
CFRP Compacting Presses
Dies and Molds
Dies and molds for Forging
Products for Overseas