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Yamagata University Soft Matter Robotics Consortium

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Soft matter robotics will realize intrinsically safe robots for humanity.
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Mobile robot to explore narrow space
Soft-matter finger. 3D-printed gel fingertip.
In this exhibition, individual elemental technologies to realize “Soft matter robotics” will be exhibited. These elemental technologies are quite important to create soft matter robots that are softer and safer against human bodies than conventional rigid robots. In particular, we will show prototypes of a therapeutic robot aiming to have a healing effect and a cord-like mobile robot for exploring the inside of narrow pipes.
Exhibiting Item
In Yamagata University, novel concept, “Soft matter robotics”, to realize soft and safe robots has been developed. The elemental technologies of “Soft matter robotics” and the full scale prototypes of the soft matter robots will be exhibited.
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Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Additive Manufacturing
Monodzukuri Components and Processing Technology