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FADrone Inc.

161, Fukuokamachi Kibune, Takaoka-shi, Toyama, 939-0134, Japan
TEL : +81-766-73-2822
FAX : +81-766-73-2825
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Anti-Random-Walk filter & Gyro Effects Model control
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Since noise is superimposed on the sensor signal, random walk occurs when integrating the output value of the signal. We had developed the technology to suppress random walk. By using our technology, it is possible to enable high accuracy position and attitude estimation with only IMU.PID control cannot cope with disturbance like gust.Therefore, we developed the model control based on the features of the rotating body in order to provide groundbreaking hovering flight.
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Our following technology makes it possible to actualize robust flight for Drone in the environment where GPS cannot be available 1.High accuracy Position and Attitude estimation technology with only IMU2.Flight control technology for effective control to Disturbance like Gust
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