New Product Demonstration Products for Overseas
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Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd.

WBG Marive West 32F, 2-6-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba 261-7132, Japan
TEL : +81-(0)43-305-5877
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Inspections, aerial survey, disaster reconnaissance and delivery drones
Selling point of Exhibiting Item
ACSL will display four drone solutions. PF1-Vision (with proprietary Visual SLAM) demonstrates GPS-denied autonomous control. PF1-Survey (for Survey and Inspection) brings together best in class aerial data collection and ease of use. PF1-mini allows all the great features in a small form factor, and our "Air Slider" demonstrates our custom capabilities with a drone specific for water pipe inspection. Live demonstration will be available for you to see PF1-Vision and Air Slider in action.
Exhibiting Item
Industrial Drones:
PF1-Vision (Visual Slam drone) which is able to fly autonomously under GPS denied environments, Air Slider (water pipe drone), PF1-Survey, PF1-Mini
Product Category
Industrial Robot(IR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Products for Overseas
All four of ACSL drones on display, PF1-Vision, PF1-Survey, PF1-mini, and Air Slider, are available globally.