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Shanghai Eyevolution Technology Co.,Ltd

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Company Name:Bi2-Vision Co., Ltd.
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LeadSense Binocular Camera
Eagle Eye
Bionic Stereo Camera
Leadsense, can generate real-time high-resolution depth maps. The product can be used in indoor and outdoor environment, suitable for many smart applications.
Eagle Eye, a visual system equipped with automatic optical axis stabilization, suitable for target tracking, auto-pilot and remote emergency assistance.
The bionic binocular vision system is based on the bionic application of the intensive researches conducted on the biological model of the human eyes. AI
Exhibiting Item
We will show three camera systems in this exhibition.
LeadSense Binocular Camera
Eagle Eye System
Bionic Stereo Camera System
Suitable for robot/drone navigation, image analysis, 3D measurement and many other smart applications.
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Robot Simulation / Vision System(IRV)
Vision System
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