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On Robot

Hvidkaervej 3
TEL : +4522638309
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RG2 Collaborative Gripper
RG6 Collaborative Gripper
RG6 Dual Collaborative Gripper
The RG2 and RG6 collaborative grippers are an end of arm tooling designed for a seamless integration with all the robot arms from Universal Robots. The wide stroke and adjustable gripping force enable the grippers to handle a variety of objects and sizes. With the collaborative grippers from On Robot, there is no need for any external cables, external power supply or any additional integration packages.
Exhibiting Item
Product Category
Industrial Robot(IR)
For machining (Loading, Unloading, Cutting, Grinding, Deburring)
For assembly
For material handling・conveyance
For picking・alignment・packing
For measurement・inspection・testing