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VMC Incorporated

ST Plaza 御器所3F, 3-18-1, Gokiso-dori, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 466-0015, Japan
TEL : +81-52-893-8888
FAX : +81-52-893-8885
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Physics Engine for professional simulator developer
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AGX Dynamics
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Our "AGX Dynamics" is designed to be used in this engineering field with excellent performance for accuracy and speed of simulation.
We co-work with AIST to implement "AGX Dynamics" into AIST's robot simulator "Choreonoid". Thanks to AGX Dynamics performance we achieve new function such as crawler simulation, cable and hose simulation on Choreonid.
Also the simulation stability is improved, and the size of simulation field can be larger with reasonable speed of simulation.
Exhibiting Item
We show physics engine named "AGX Dynamics" that is the development tool for building up motion simulation software.
As the example, we exhibit robot simulator "Choreonoid" with "AGX Dynamics" that shows excellent simulation performance for robot simulation.
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Industrial Robot(IR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Robot Simulation / Vision System(IRV)
Robot Simulation
Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Monodzukuri Components and Processing Technology
Technology / Machinery
3D molding technology exhibition
Simulation system
VR・AR system