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250 Ookurayami Shirasaka Shirakawa-shi Fukushima 961-0835 Japan
TEL : +81-248-28-2126
FAX : +81-248-28-2570
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The cutting of the complicated shape to SACRA-TECH.
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Processing sample
Processing sample
Because we own operation and 51 processing equipment for 24 hours, for the order of the variety variables from trial manufacture to a mass production, I can cope flexibly. In addition, I can contribute to reduction in cost because I can omit trouble of the installation, trouble of the jig making. About the processing such as mechanism parts, I think that we make an effective partner.
Exhibiting Item
The cutting artefact of the complicated shape with the aluminum. I display a machined sample product with 5 axis processing machine, machining center, compound lathe.
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Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Monodzukuri Components and Processing Technology