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Fukushima Prefectural Gorvernment

2-16 Sugitsuma-cho, Fukushima city, Fukushima Pref. 960-8670 Japan
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The ground of the robot industry revolution
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Fukushima Robot Test Field (the whole view)
Fukushima Robot Test Field (the whole view)
Fukushima Robot Test Field (plant for tests)
Fukushima Robot Test Field (plant for tests)
Fukushima Robot Test Field (city field)
Fukushima Robot Test Field (city field)
We'll introduce our facilities of the "Fukushima Robot Test Field" through panels,animations and models.In addition, we'll respond to requests and consultation of researchers and developers who are considering field robots, drone demonstration tests and development of robots in Fukushima Prefecture.In addition, we introduce robot related technology and products such as medical welfare, education, material processing, simulator from 6 companies in Fukushima prefecture.
Exhibiting Item
We introduce "Fukushima Robot Test Field" which is the world's first large-scale field robot demonstration testing center in addition robot related technology and products of companies in Fukushima Prefecture.
Product Category
Service Robot(SR)
Nursing Care • Welfare • Medical Care
Infrastructure • Disaster・Construction
Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Additive Manufacturing
Monodzukuri Components and Processing Technology