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1879 Ohyasumi, Iida, Nagano Prefecture, 395-8515 Japan
TEL : +81-265-56-5423
FAX : +81-265-56-5427
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Technical strength of components supporting robot industry
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New AC servo motor TBL-iIVs series
Rotary Encoders
Inertial Measurement Unit
小型3軸慣性センサユニット「MEMS IMU」
AC servo motor TBl-iIVs series: low inertia with high acceleration, suitable for high frequency motion of semiconductor devices, TBL-iIV series: middle inertia and compact type, and TBL-imini series: small size in the industry’s highest class
Encoder and Resolver for rotation angle measurement of robot joints
MEMS IMU, small 3-axis inertial measurement unit for behavior detection of robots
Demo machine of the conveyor for factory line applying the technology of two-wire stepping motor system
Exhibiting Item
We exhibit driving motors and angular/inertial sensors for behavior measurement suitable for each kind of robots: new AC servo motor TBL-iIVs series (low-inertia with high acceleration), MEMS gyros and demo machine of two-wire stepping motor system.
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Industrial Robot(IR)【Component Technology・Devices】