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3884-1,Minamiminowa,Kamiina,Nagano-Pref. 399-4586 Japan
TEL : +81-0-265-76-7751
FAX : +81-0-265-76-3305
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Vacuum Pad
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Vacuum Pad
Even if there are no items to meet with customers demand in our standard products lines, we offer our best solutions by customizing products based on customers request.
Exhibiting Item

Vacuum Pad are available for robot hands of various shapes and materials that are compatible with a wide range of applications.
Product Category
Industrial Robot(IR)
For plastic welding
For press
For welding(Arc, Spot, Laser)
For painting
For machining (Loading, Unloading, Cutting, Grinding, Deburring)
For assembly
For electric part mounting
For shipping
For material handling・conveyance
For picking・alignment・packing
For clean room
For food processing
For measurement・inspection・testing
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