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Takako Industries, Inc.

1-32-1 Hosono-Nishi, Seika-Cho, Soraku-Gun, Kyoto 619-0240
TEL : +81-774-95-0671
FAX : +81-774-95-3337
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Catchphrase for Exhibiting Item
Wearable hydraulic! Light weight/ High durability / High Power.
Selling point of Exhibiting Item
0.4cc 20mm shorter Small Pump
0.4cc Small Pump Unit
Ankle Foot Orthisis by University of Minnesota, Prof. Durfee's team
Takako has developed 20 mm shorter Small Axial Piston Pump.
We also propose a new hydraulic joint system (Motor + Small Flat Pump + Rotary Actuator) that fits well to a joint of a robot.
Moreover, we will show the products by Bridgestone, University of Minnesota and Technical Universtiy of Munich, in which our pumps are used.
Exhibiting Item
Ultra compact hydraulic axial piston pump/ Ultra compact hydraulic axial piston pump package
Product Category
Industrial Robot(IR)
For plastic welding
For press
For machining (Loading, Unloading, Cutting, Grinding, Deburring)
Service Robot(SR)
Nursing Care • Welfare • Medical Care
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery・Food
Infrastructure • Disaster・Construction
Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Monodzukuri Components and Processing Technology
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