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11F-A Kannai-Denshi Building 1-2-1 Tokiwa-Cho Naka-Ward Yokohama Japan Zip Code 231-0014
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Robot Welding Line Tracking & System Integrator
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Weld Path (Simulation Image)
Weld Path
1)We show you the welding path tracking software for correcting the warped path with heat with a laser sensor and a camera.
2)We show you Offline Teaching Software RoboPath made by us with which is useful for you for its flexibility to be customized.
3)We have some consultations for the users to be wanted how to use Industrial Robots as following.
Exhibiting Item
1)Robot Offline Teaching Software: RoboPath is made for ourselves & RobotWorks 2)Tracking for Welding path: Correction welding path warped by heat 3)Robot System Integrator: Consulting of Rbot Integration if you have some problems with your robots.
Product Category
Industrial Robot(IR)
For welding(Arc, Spot, Laser)
For painting
For machining (Loading, Unloading, Cutting, Grinding, Deburring)
Industrial Robot(IR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Robot Simulation / Vision System(IRV)
Robot Simulation
Service Robot(SR)【Component Technology・Devices】
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