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No.5 Shimamura Bldg., 3-295-2 Miyahara-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama-shi, SAITAMA
TEL : +81-48-783-4656
FAX : +81-48-783-4657
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Enhancing Industrial Robots with Vision and Intelligence
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Intelligent Picking robot IPR Series
知能ピッキングロボット IPR
Previously, 3D Media has developed the innovative 3D vision sensor "TVS", which is currently deployed in many robot bin-picking applications, and thus contributed greatly to the realization of factory automation (FA). Now, we are beginning the development of Intelligent Picking Robot (IPR) for logistics systems.
Exhibiting Item
@Enhancing Industrial Robots with Vision and Intelligence
@Intelligent Picking Robot for Fully Automated Logistics
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Industrial Robot(IR)
For machining (Loading, Unloading, Cutting, Grinding, Deburring)
For material handling・conveyance
For picking・alignment・packing
Industrial Robot(IR)【Component Technology・Devices】
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Robot Simulation / Vision System(IRV)
Robot Simulation
Vision System